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I have always been someone who really enjoys hanging out with friends, but one thing I learned early on was that drinks in bars can be incredibly expensive. I decided that I should start trying to learn to make my own drinks just to save money, and it was really amazing to me to see how much better a freshly-made beverage really was. I wanted to start a website all about making great drinks from the comfort of your own home. Check out this great information to learn more and enjoy your time away from work. I know that it has helped me!



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3 Tips for Selecting the Right Craft Beer

When you go out and try a new brewery, you are going to be presented with a list of beers that you more than likely have never heard of before. When you go to your local craft brewery, you are not going to get a beer list with the major national beers on it. You are going to get a list with the special brews that particularly brewery makes. Here are some tips to use when visiting a local brewery.

Tip #1: Think About What Tastes You Like

First, you need to think about what tastes you like when it comes to beer. If you have drunk beer before, you probably have some idea of what types of beer you enjoy.

Do you like really sweet beers, or do you like sour beers? Do you like beer with a little bit of an aftertaste? What style of beer do you like?

When you look at the menu, look for beers that have profiles that are similar to beers you already know you like. For example, if you really like citrus-flavored beer, see if that brewery has its own version of a citrus beer. If you like deep, dark beers, see what types of dark beers they carry. Start out trying beers that fit the profile of other beers that you like.

Tip #2: Get a Flight of Beers

Second, instead of ordering a pint of something that you are not sure about, see if you can get a flight of beers. A flight of beers usually only costs a couple of dollars more than a pint of beer and allows you to sample between 3-5 different beers, depending on how the brewery sets up and sells their flights.

With a flight of beers, you essentially get to try a bunch of "mini-beers" of somewhere between 3-6 ounces. When you visit a new brewery, getting a flight is a great way to sample a variety of different beers, and figure out what you really like, before committing to an entire pint of beer.

Tip #3: Talk to the Bart­ender

Third, talk to the bartender about the brews that they have to offer. At a craft brewery, most of the bartenders are really passionate about the craft beers that their brewery sells. They can tell you all about the process of creating the beers, and the unique flavors of each of their brews. Let the bartender know what you are looking for, and they will more than likely be able to pair you up with a beer that fits your taste buds.

Use these tips next time you try local craft beer.