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I have always been someone who really enjoys hanging out with friends, but one thing I learned early on was that drinks in bars can be incredibly expensive. I decided that I should start trying to learn to make my own drinks just to save money, and it was really amazing to me to see how much better a freshly-made beverage really was. I wanted to start a website all about making great drinks from the comfort of your own home. Check out this great information to learn more and enjoy your time away from work. I know that it has helped me!



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Promotional Events To Consider Holding At Your Liquor Store

Anyone who runs a liquor store like East Side Wine & Spirits should be interested in exploring different ways to get more people into the store to buy products. While any number of traditional promotional ideas can work in this setting, you need to be sure that they don't encourage excessive drinking. For example, while a bakery might give away baked goods to attract customers, you probably won't want to advertise a liquor or beer giveaway. As long as you choose the right promotional events, however, there are many different types of ideas that you can use to raise the profile of your liquor store, and in turn, ideally increase your profits. Here are some suggestions.

Celebrity Signings

There are plenty of celebrities who have endorsed wine, liquor, and other alcoholic beverages, so organizing an event at which a celebrity visits your liquor store to sign bottles and take photos with fans can be a perfect promotional event. You may even wish to stipulate that the celebrity in question will only be signing bottles rather than other items, as this requires that attendees buy bottles of the product in question. By the end of a signing that lasts a couple hours, you might be highly impressed to realize how much you've sold and how you've effectively raised the profile of your store.

Educational Events

If your liquor store sells wine and beer, which is common, you might wish to partner with a local sommelier who can run education-focused events at your store. This is especially handy in larger liquor stores that have enough space to set up a table and some chairs for attendees. While you'll need to decide whether wine or beer tastings will be a part of the event, this is an opportunity for an expert to impart some knowledge on wine and beer enthusiasts — who should then purchase some of the products that the sommelier has discussed directly from your store.

Food Truck Events

Food trucks are becoming increasingly popular, and you might be able to find a way to partner with a few local food truck operators for a win-win promotion. If you have enough space outside your store, consider recruiting some food trucks to visit for a small food truck festival. You can rope off a specific part of your parking lot and pitch a tent to make a beer tent area, and provided that you get the proper licenses from the city to do so, serve beer or other spirits for people to enjoy as they sample the food truck fare.