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I have always been someone who really enjoys hanging out with friends, but one thing I learned early on was that drinks in bars can be incredibly expensive. I decided that I should start trying to learn to make my own drinks just to save money, and it was really amazing to me to see how much better a freshly-made beverage really was. I wanted to start a website all about making great drinks from the comfort of your own home. Check out this great information to learn more and enjoy your time away from work. I know that it has helped me!



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How To Use An Alcohol Delivery Service As A Real Estate Agent

Buying or selling a home is a perfect opportunity to toast the success, and that means that if you're a real estate agent, you'll want to help your clients celebrate. Some real estate agents deliver a bottle of champagne to their clients upon the completion of a deal, but you don't have to go this exact route. Another option to consider may be to use an alcohol delivery service. It can be a nice surprise for your clients to hear a knock on the door and soon learn that you've sent them a bottle of bubbly to toast the occasion. Here are some tips for using this service in this situation.

Find The Right Time

It's often the case that the real estate agent will deliver a bottle of champagne to his or her clients upon the completion of a deal. In other words, once the buying or selling agreement gets signed by all involved parties, the agent will plan to show up with some champagne. This can be the right time to celebrate your clients' success with the help of the local alcohol delivery service, but it's not the only option to consider. One alternative is to wait until your clients move into their new home, for example, and then have the delivery service drop off the alcohol a day or two later.

Choose Some Extra Items

If you contact a few alcohol delivery services in your area, you'll commonly find that many of them can also deliver additional items. You might want to sweeten the deal by having the delivery service pick up some extra things for your clients. One idea is to get the service to deliver a couple champagne glasses alongside the champagne. This can especially be a good idea if you're sending the bubbly to the couple after they've moved in, as they may not have yet unpacked their wine glasses. If the family has young children, having the delivery service also take over a bottle of sparkling juice can be a fun addition.

Include A Card

Just as when you're sending flowers, it's nice to include a greeting card when you get alcohol delivered. There are a couple approaches that you can take here. One is to write a card yourself and arrange to give it to the delivery driver, who can then hand it over to your clients when he or she drops off the alcohol. If this isn't possible, you could see if the delivery service has stock cards for such occasions, and give your message over the phone for someone to write onto the card.

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