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I have always been someone who really enjoys hanging out with friends, but one thing I learned early on was that drinks in bars can be incredibly expensive. I decided that I should start trying to learn to make my own drinks just to save money, and it was really amazing to me to see how much better a freshly-made beverage really was. I wanted to start a website all about making great drinks from the comfort of your own home. Check out this great information to learn more and enjoy your time away from work. I know that it has helped me!



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Be Careful To Avoid These Situations When You Arrange Alcohol Delivery

Whether you're at home, traveling, or somewhere in between, arranging the delivery of alcohol can be useful in a variety of ways. With many liquor delivery services covering a lot of areas, especially large cities, you can easily order your preferred bottles with a phone call, a few clicks of your computer mouse, or some tapping on your smartphone or tablet screen. Before you order, it's a good idea to browse the service's rules that you must follow. Doing so will help you to avoid certain sticky situations, including the following.

Appearing Intoxicated

There's little doubt that if you're drinking and want to buy more alcohol, your best bet is to arrange it with the help of a delivery service, rather than attempt to go out and get it yourself. However, alcohol delivery services — much like stores, bars, and restaurants — often have a moral obligation not to sell alcohol to those who appear intoxicated. If you're highly intoxicated, you have to be prepared for the fact that the driver may not ethically be able to give you your order. Keep this in mind when you're thinking about ordering.

Being In A Public Area

Before you order your alcohol, consider your location. Alcohol delivery services can drop off your order in a long list of areas, but some will draw the line at doing so if you're in a public area. Drinking is commonly prohibited in public spaces, so if you're enjoying a picnic at a community park and decide that the event would be better with a couple bottles of wine, you need to accept that you may not be able to arrange delivery in this location. Provided that you're in a private residence, a hotel, or even a place of work, however, you should not have any trouble.

Being Underage

Underage drinkers often look for creative ways to buy alcohol, and you may think that you will have success with an alcohol delivery service. You're perhaps used to having store clerks ask for your photo ID to prove your age, but you may think that you can circumvent this protocol by having your alcohol delivered. Keep in mind, however, that your delivery driver will have to ask you for photo ID if there's any doubt about whether you're old enough to be buying alcohol. If you aren't of legal drinking age yet, your driver cannot legally serve you.